Nice Hair



7:07 AM

Can't wait to hear more about this. I DO miss him (except for the spending).

Terrence McCarthy

6:07 PM

Where's that billboard, Jake? Don't agree with the sentiment behind it, but it's a great piece of advertising. Billboards can be very effective. Most have way too much information and all the creativity of a car the typical dealership spot ( except for the ones my pal Mike Kelly in Tampa creates ) This one's punchy and to the point.

I'd love to know where it is and whose idea it was.

chris Muir

8:24 PM

Man, Sam sure misses that guy!


10:13 PM

As do I...


10:16 PM

PS Chris... why can't all women be like Sam? Insanely hot, total head on straight, perfect to be around. You make life hard having her in the world as an example of perfection.