What the iPad May Be About

The iPad, then, is a transition to a future when, in Apple's mind, multitouch is so good that we no longer need anything but a screen. Whether that's an appealing place for you or something that sounds dreadful, Apple obviously has a vision of the future for which they're smartly and methodically laying groundwork. And once the text input problem is solved (hyper-accurate handwriting or speech recognition, perhaps?), you can bet that's the future we'll have.


Terry Cowgill

12:23 PM

More interesting, I think, is how the iPad could help put the genie back in the print media's bottle. You will be able to flip through pages of a "print" newspaper but still use hyperlinks and streaming video -- the best of print and online.
If the big newspapers can find an audience willing to pay for content, then this device might save their sorry asses.