There's an App for That!


Terry Cowgill

7:21 AM

Not much use for that app here in NW Conn. If I showed up at a cocktail party here talking about Trojan Horses, no one would even deny it. They'd all do their best impressions of Barney Frank.


12:42 PM

Thinking of you, Jake, as I read Pat Conroy's new one, South of Broad. Set mostly in Charleston, The Mansion on the River. Love him or loathe him, Conroy wrote a love letter to your fair city with this one.


9:34 AM

Hey T2,
Yes, I was wondering if South of Broad was any good. It is out in Kindle
edition (which is the way I read everything it.) Let me know if I
should get it.

The only Conroy book I've ever read was The Great Santini, which I must have
read in high school. It was fine for a kid that age, but after seeing the
Conroy movies (other than that one), and seen some interviews, I kind of
lost interest. You know, all the "Oh, woe is me stuff". A bit tiresome.

Anyway, if you think SoB is any good, let me know. It might be fun reading
some local color.


PS send me your new email address


9:36 AM

SO far so good. I'm 200 pages into it. Conroy's writing is, perhaps, a tad too flowery and overdone, but if you can tolerate that, he's a great storyteller. And it's always fun to read a book set in a place you know and love. Richard Russo's new one isset in Truro on The Cape. Moriarty and I have strong emotional attachements to Truro. First place we ever spent the night together. At a place caled The Prince of Whales. Which is of course close to the tile of Conroy's most well known book, Prince of Tides.

Conroy's connection to basketball is interesting. Played point guard for The Citadel. Played against a guy I know and played some hoops with. Roger Walaszek. Captain of the 1969 Columbia team that played Conroy's team in Madison Square Garden.

I will send you my email adress, Jake.