The New Green Zone

"They want the freedom to have union leaders speak for them and the opportunity to pursue wealth regardless of the corporate balance sheet," he said. "They want the kind of safety and security that comes from knowing you'll always have a job, despite the ongoing threat posed by the fickle consumer."


Terry Cowgill

7:13 AM

Ott's last 'graph, which you put in your block quote, pretty much says it all.

Most lefties I know are not risk-takers. They think risk, with its possibility of failure at the hands of others, is inherently unfair.

Hence the urge to regulate everything in sight -- to minimize the possibility that someone might become a victim.

To be sure, there is unfairness and victimization in life. But to try to remove it all with well intentioned (but boneheaded) public policy will diminish our greatness as a nation.


4:20 PM

I am a supply sider,looking for tax breaks and a free market system...what happend?
As far as the red sox....last night the yanks did their job and will continue to.