Yes, of course...

... Cornyn is correct. Calling people racists is bad manners and mostly pretty stupid.

But I have two questions.

First, why is it always OK for Democrats to call Republicans racist, but warrants a headline from CNN when it happens in reverse? In my estimation Republicans are more color blind in their policies than Democrats, which would lead one to believe that they are less apt to account for race in their decision making (as would be "racist").

Second, do you think CNN would interview a Democrat politician if another Democrat called a Republican a "racist"? Of course not. There wouldn't be room for anything else on their web site (OK, I exaggerate. But it felt good writing it.)

Some of the least racist, most color blind institutions in America are dominated by conservatives. Like the US military. Like corporate America. Like the South, for that matter.

The places that account for race for admission and advancement are more often than not dominated by liberals... academia and government, for instance.

The media twist on issues of race is positively Kafkaesque. What is, is not. And what is not, is.

So please, spare me the faux outrage at Rush and Newt. I'll start worrying about punishing those two fat white guys when my liberal friends stop calling me a racist because I support low taxes!