Our Betters Award Themselves

"Katie had the right stuff to do that game-changing interview," Helen said. "After that, the ballgame was over."

Helen gave a dramatic pause, then said: "She saved the country."

Helen got a standing ovation, from everybody.

The sickly corpse that was once a vibrant free media in America as seen by an outsider.

It's as if they are so obsessed with themselves that they cannot see the end has already come. Newsweek magazine. The New York Times. CBS News. When was the last time that anyone actually paid for one of those products?

Hell, you don't even see Newsweek in the dentist's office anymore, let alone on the magazine rack.

The New York Times looks like a lonely relic from the past in its wire basket next to the door at my grocery store. Yesterday, I notice just three lonely copies of the grossly paired down broadsheet gathering dust. They were the same three that were there earlier in the day.

And CBS News. Having given up on TV years ago, I tried to watch it on the free download site Miro. The format wedged between Denture Grip and Polydent advertisements seemed like something out of ancient history. Has Fox News really made me intolerant of any TV format that isn't designed to be consumed in three minutes or less? I think so.

But still these dinosaurs of yesteryear, apparently comfortable in a timeless bubble, continue to congratulate themselves on their feeble part in bringing us 1930's style socialism. The only hope is that when the whole thing comes crashing down, it will be like a stake in the heart of this crowd.

It will come none too soon.



9:11 AM

I was at the dentist's office last week. Perused the Newsweek there. And NY Times are selling well at the Lowe's, Food Lion and convenience store in Calabash.

And. It's been four weeks since I stopped watching TV news. Like you, I do not miss that tabloid circus.