One Heck of a Middle Linebacker

My hero, Dick Cheney.

Kristol is right. The best offense is a good defense.

All limp wristed Republicans who think that somehow their careers will die if they stand up to slandering Democrats need to get a clue.

There is no torture issue. The issue is as Newt so perfectly describes. The issue is whether you can pour water down the nose of a guy who is planning to nuke a city. Only the MSM and a bunch of idiots in Congress can turn that into a moral issue.

George Bush can't defend himself. He has to be an ex-president. Not Jimmy Carter. A real ex-president. But the rest of us have to stand up for the people who risked their lives and careers to make sure that we didn't get blown to dust.

Dick Cheney (and Newt) seem to be the only Republican leaders with the testicular fortitude to man the defenses. My only wish is that Mitt and Jeb would can the listening tour and defend W and his administration.

Man up guys. It is the only way to get off the twenty and start scoring some points.