Lovin' Loven

I'm not sure how long super lib (and totally biased) AP "journalist" (I'd say activist) Jennfer Loven has been on Fox News Sunday, but I was pretty surprised to see her there tonight. Fox tends to have pretty mild libs on their chat panels, just as the lib stations tend to have RINOs representing the right on their shows. So I was glad to see Fox step up and bring on a real, dyed in the wool liberal to (try to) face down the super conservatives.

Actually, Loven came across pretty well. She's attractive and she made a valiant effort to appear as the objective journalist she is not. But like all liberals, where the rubber meets the road (ie when policy details are being discussed and they cannot demagogue the issue), she escaped into the netherworld of "political analysis". Maura Liasson does the same thing and it is excruciatingly irritating.

Example: When discussing Obama's massive flip flops on military commissions, she did everything possible to finesse the issue by raising the few things Obama said on the campaign trail that implied he wasn't irreversibly against military commissions. Taken in context, it is silly to bring these things up. He spent a two years trashing military commissions in the Senate and on the campaign trail.

But when the panel pushed back, she ran to a discussion of the "political context" of the decision, saying that the Obamakins can get away with pissing off their base because they are about to hand over some red meat in the form of an ultra-liberal Supreme Court nominee.

Right. Nice pivot.

Jeez, why not just admit the guy demagogued the issue on the campaign trail for eighteen months? Trying to cover for him now makes Jennifer look like the partisan that we all know she is. And not a particularly thoughtful one either.

Closing note. The expression on Brit Hume's face while she spoke was priceless. Had he had a sign on this forehead saying "You are full of shit", his attitude toward her would have been no more obvious.