Lost to the Lions

Like I said when defending her from Shuster’s vomit attack, the reason she’s been sympathetic through all this is that she came by it innocently, simply giving her opinion in answer to a question. Now that she’s parlaying it into a stuntcasting tryout on the conservative network of choice, a bit of that is gone. It’s not unlike what happened with Joe the Plumber or even the tea parties, which also started unassumingly and got snapped up by FNC once the buzz got big enough. Then again, we’re talking about someone here who gets paid to model underwear. Kind of hard to be a “sellout” under the circumstances.

Yes, I kind of have to agree with my hero Allahpundit on this one (and head toward agreeing with Miles the RINO, which is always painful). It was easier taking her side when she was a turtle on the highway of liberal media hypocrisy. But now that she has been co-opted by the whole game, she has to stand for herself. And since I don't care for religious posturing in the public square, I guess I have agree that Miles called it right early on. (Ouch!)


Terry Cowgill

11:43 AM

Hard to believe Shuster actually worked for Fox News. Wonder if this is how he's felt all along or if he will simply repeat the views of whichever network employs him.


12:46 AM

I know that this is where I'm supposed to be flattered that one of my musings got noticed by Jake, but Miles the RINO? Really? And why are we so shocked that I called one first? Man, I'm gettin' a Rodney Dangerfield complex over here....

Jake, when it comes to fake breasted blondes, I call it right quite often.