Jules Plays WIBDI

And a big Ha Ha it gets.

Since Crittendon is making the most of the humor, I'll play WIBDI from the serious side of the plate...

OK, so for years we heard from Candidate Obama, the Democrats, the media, and particularly the New York Times that the military commissions at Guantanamo were tantamount to breaking with the Geneva Conventions.

(Never mind that the whole point of the Conventions is to address issues of state sponsored war, a little detail that's apparently too "nuanced" for our esteemed thought leaders.)

But now, sneaked out from the White House Press Office (otherwise known as the Mainstream Media) on a Friday evening, we see the Obama Administration floating the case for Military Commissions at Guantanamo.

My goodness. After years of gratuitous grandstanding on the issue, President Obama now realizes that it is a bad idea to bring non-state enemy combatants to domestic civilian courts where they will have the protections of US citizenship and can call upon the prosecution to produce classified information in open court?

Gee, what a concept.

This wouldn't be so enraging if Democrats had had the honesty to admit that Military Commissions are the only reasonable option available. But instead they chose to use the issue as a political stick to pummel a president struggling to fight and win a difficult war.

As Tom Clancy once said, "It is easy being a Democrat. You can say anything." And they did, and they do, and it is a far more dangerous world as a result.