Cruel Justice

For years we have been watching the Democrats demagogue the Enhanced Interrogation issue. Just as with the War in Iraq, first they supported waterboarding in the face of imminent attack. But when it became politically expedient to smack the Bush Administration with the issue, they brought out the big sticks, calling the techniques "torture", and the Bushies criminals.

But with a Democrat president wanting to use the issue to somehow prove his moral superiority, there's a little problem. It's the details of Pelosi's and other Democrats actions over the past seven years.

There are plenty of places to observe the whole mess in detail, so I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say that the "chickens have come home to roost". After Speaker Pelosi's train wreck of a press conference today, it is difficult to see how she stays in her job. Already, Steny Hoyer is circling the carrion that is Nancy Pelosi's career. She can't have more than a week left in her job.

And here's another interesting tidbit. Today President Obama mentioned that present levels of debt are unsustainable. Is he setting the stage to blame the outrageous levels of deficit spending on the disgraced Pelosi? Watch that closely.

It could be that after only 100 days of total government control the leadership coalition is starting to crumble. If so, and if it is a result of the "torture issue", I can only thank God for cruel justice.

Update: And why I think HotAir is God's answer to blogging. It is for sentences like... Senator Joe Lieberman doesn’t quite call Speaker Nancy Pelosi a lying sack, but he comes pretty close.


Terry Cowgill

12:42 PM

Pelosi's performance in that presser yesterday was indeed pitiful.

Agree that Hoyer is circling the wagons.

It would have been really great if Pelosi had succeeded in naming John Murtha as majority leader two years ago. There would really be blood on the floor now.