75 Movies Every Man Should See

Pretty impressive list. I agree with most of it. Being the guy with over a thousand movie files on my computer, yes... I have seen them all.

They picked the right Bogart movie (The Maltese Falcon) and, surprisingly, got the Bond flick correct (the first and by far the best... Dr. No). North by Northwest is the best movie of Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, which is pretty impressive in and of itself (and man, Eva in the dining car... ouch!). And then there's Glengarry Glen Ross. It had to be there.

But I have to say, how do you have a man movie list without either Twelve O'Clock High or To Kill a Mockingbird? Those movies are veritable instruction manuals on being a man. Major oversight.

But all in all not bad. Guys, you should see most of these before you pack it in.



9:37 PM

Happy to see Cool Hand Luke on the list. I try to eat at least one egg a day since seeing it when I was a young airman ( Myrtle Beach AFB ) waiting for orders to Nam.

Jeffrey Plumley

2:58 PM

How in the world do you put Three Kings on there? It was a marginal movie at best. Tootsie? The Incredibles?

I would have to take two of those off and add back Rocky (but none of the sequels) it is a great story for the ages about the little guy standing defiant in the face of great adversity, even if he did lose. I would also add Braveheart and 300 to the list, for much the same reasons.


4:16 PM

PH... ya I agree with you on that stuff, but I was trying to stay away from picking out the bad decisions. My thought exactly on Three Kings. Second rate movie at best. It is a war movie for people who think anything to do with the military is automatically suspect. I once asked a lib friend of mine what his favorite was moving was and he said 3 kings. That's all I needed to know about both him and the film.

But I'll also say that the movie is not supposed to be "about" exemplary men (Braveheart/300), but movies that presumably enhance men as whatever they want to be. So I'm not sure I'd put Braveheart on it and, although I liked 300, I'm sure I wouldn't put it on there.

Anyway, I'm sure we can all agree that the Incredibles doesn't belong on any list.