Stay At Home...

... stupidity might be contagious!

Love the Instapundit meme, too.

While the press were trying to turn Palin into the village idiot, they apparently missed the fact that their savior actually nominated Wilmington's.

And by the way, having met and spoken privately with said idiot, I can assure you, fair reader, that he is the real thing. At the time I was appalled that such a person could hold high political office. The fact that he is Vice President of the United States of America is truly amazing, if not frightening.

Closing question: Has Biden yet made a public statement that has not been retracted, clarified or otherwise edited by his political handlers after the fact? If so, I certainly haven't heard/read/seen it.


Terry Cowgill

2:04 PM

The guy really is amazing. Not only did he cause an unnecessary alarm with his blather, he said if you have to sneeze you should go to the middle of a field.

Maybe that will be Biden's undisclosed location -- a field next to one of Frank Perdue's chicken farms in southern Delaware.

The other effect of this particular gaffe is it reinforces the impression that top officials tell us one thing and, based on what they know, tell their families something else.