Nancy Boys

Michael Barone calls it Soft America. Others call it the result of forty years of schools working like chat shops for girls. I call it the general feminization of the culture. But the results are clear. "Men of the Press" now comfortably ask the president what makes him feel "enchanted".

Goldberg is right. Imagine the guffaws from the president, the press and the gallery had that word been used in a Harry Truman press conference. The reporter would have been laughed out of a job.

For those of us who still have the temerity to presume that there really are differences between the sexes, and that men should display a modicum of masculinity, this kind of thing is hard to watch.

I remember years ago hosting a woman from Oklahoma on her first trip to Europe. She asked me "what was wrong" with the European men. She thought they were, in her words, all so "girly". It appears we are well on our way to the European model. Rest in Peace, John Wayne.

I have to assume that there still are some American women who regret the results of forty years of American feminism. But even if you are post modernist "NPR woman", I can't imagine these Nancy Boys make your heart flutter.

Update: The New York Times got an A!


Jeffrey Plumley

9:12 AM

So this is an interesting point. I have also watched with interest as the Christian church in America has also emasculated the men, and told us all to be kind shepherds. And, a very liberal friend of the family has a "Jesus was a Pacifist" bumper sticker on her car. What I say to that is BS! Jesus was a trouble maker and picked fights on a regular basis. In fact I have thought seriously about printing bumper stickers saying "Jesus was a Badass!" So was Martin Luther and other christian leaders down through history.

A shepherd has this current image of a soft gentle person quietly tending to his little lambs and playing on one of Zaffirs Pan Flutes or whatever. That could not be further form the truth. A shepherd was a hard hard man that fought off wild animals and took great risks to his own safety to ensure the safety of his flock. In short, Jesus the "Good Shepherd" could be translated to Jesus the "benevolent warrior."

There are some really good books out there that I have found that pretty much sum this up way better than I ever could. is a good place to start looking.

The schools have been re-made over and over to make them suitable for girls and make them uninviting for boys. Boys like to fight, like to get dirty and take some wild chances. There are exceptions on either side of the gender coin, but that does not disprove the rule.

We celebrate women and woman's issues all over this country and at the same time we tell boys that they are wrong to want to "correct" bad behavior of others with an adjustment administered by a fist or two.

Frankly speaking, in my affluent little are of the North Atlanta suburbs, I have never seen so many men in dire need of a reality check in the way of an ass whipping. Oh, I can go on for hours, but this is an issue that will continue to haunt us. Personally, I have raised my boys to be willing to administer the ass whipping when it is critical and I gladly take all the heat in the world for doing so. Their "Recon" grandpa applauds that every day and for me that is all the back up I need to know I'm right on this one.


10:30 AM

From a woman's point of view, YOU COULDN'T BE MORE RIGHT. I have never seen so many namby-pamby men in my life. My husband and I are at a private school and the feminization taking place at this school is breathtaking to behold.

One of the "gender issues" counsellors came up to my husband a couple of years ago to get his take on whether the coaching assignments for the women were sexist. Women faculty at this school don't coach varsity boys' sports. My husband, in his wisdom, said to this female counsellor, "you're trying to create a problem that does not exist -- most of the women faculty at this school DON'T WANT TO COACH AT ALL!!!"

I've often asked this question --

When are you white men going to start sticking up for yourselves? It seems you just let everyone walk right over you. It's time to fight -- get up and walk out of talks you don't like, stick up for yourselves at parties when someone jabs at you.


Terry Cowgill

7:42 AM

Now our commander-in-chief wants Justice Souter's replacement to have "empathy."


12:13 PM

At the risk of falling into a category I don't wish to be in ( Guys who protest too much about how feminized men are. My theory is that guys who do this too much probably are a tad insecure about their own masculinity. That said... )

There is one area where I have to agree. Guys who are constantly on their cell phones. Like 14 year old girls with princess phones. And I love the guys in the bars who plop down in their seats, take their cells out and put them on the bar or table like they're Maverick or Steve McQueen showing their colt 45s. Pathetic.

OK. Go ahead and have at me. I'm a girly boy for bringing this up ( No pun intended )


1:11 PM

T2... No take down required. That said, the "thou protest too much" argument may be a bit too facile in this case. It is pretty apparent that the culture is moving in this direction. Painting those who notice with having psychological issues is, for me at least, a bridge too far.

Re the phone thing, I take mine out mostly so I can read while having nothing else to do. Plus, when you get over a hundred emails a day, it is a never ending effort to clean up the box.


3:19 PM

Pull your panties up Jake, we've got a culture war going on. If anyone has wondered were all the real men have gone, they need to get up to Alaska....we've got plenty of them. And every last one of them seems to be frickin' enchanted with the place.


7:27 PM

Miles... "knickers in a twist". Moi? Jamais!

The men in Alaska are certainly enchanting, especially when they are laying pipe on those long, cold winter nights.