... a game that anyone can play!

Contrast Fox with Time magazine, which just placed Barack Obama on its cover for the 13th time over the past year, declaring the president's "combination of candor and vision and the patient explanation of complex issues" to be "Obama at his best." Time says he's bringing America away "from the quick-fix, sugar-rush, attention-deficit society of the postmodern age."

That line must have earned an A-plus from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who recently took it upon himself to give the White House press corps a collective report card affixed with a gold star, telling reporters he was awarding them "a strong A" for their coverage of the administration's first 100 days.

(Imagine the firestorm if Bush press chief Ari Fleischer had decided to present a report card to the press in 2001.)

Yes, imagine that.

Update: Spyral Notebook leading the WIBDI pack on Google search. So why isn't my traffic going through the roof? I guess no one cares if Bush Did It anymore.


Terry Cowgill

7:45 PM

WIBDI is one of the most fun games I've ever played. Keep playing!

P.S. I give Gibbs a D.


8:03 PM

Ditto, Terry, on how fun the game is!!!!

I give Gibbs an "F". He's just pathetic.