A "Formidable Competitor" Loses to a PC Twerp

Another sad commentary on the state of popular culture and the American media.

As I have said many times here, I have no dog in this fight. But allowing an openly gay judge to knock out a leading contender at a hyper-hetero event simply because she doesn't tow the PC line on gay marriage... well. that is just lame.

And as the Powerline boys say, the majority of the country, including the elected Democrat president, agree with the poor woman. Some controversy. Only in the mind of our twisted journalistic culture.

Not sure I should be paying attention to this type of stuff, but hey, its hard to keep your eyes off these gals.

Update: "Dude. She’s one of us." Watch the video, too. This woman is a real Christian, no doubt. Props for that.

Also, I just have to say. Allahpundit at Hot Air is by far my favorite blogger. When you look up "blogger" in the dictionary, it says Allahpundit.



9:24 PM

She lost me at "biblically correct", ugh.


9:33 PM

Ya... but I have a soft spot for hot Christian babes. Kind of weird. I also like their movies. Kind of like an anthropological study.

Is the biblically correct the fly over country version of politically correct?


1:13 PM

Hey... we have a Christian commenter on the blog now. Do we now qualify as a "hate" site?