The End of News

CNN apparently has asked that this video be taken down for "copy right" reasons. The point is made elsewhere that they have a habit of forcing YouTube to remove embarrassing videos, using copy right as the pretext. Surely this qualifies.

But to the video.

First, it is a amazing how easily the CNN "journalist" simply co-opts the government position while interviewing her subject. Isn't journalism supposed to be about being the "watch dog of the public"? What happens if news outlets simply act as cheerleaders for the government? My guess is that they will lose business.

Second, the woman who debates the journalist toward the end of the video, and tries to explain what is going on at the protest, is exactly on point. The protest is not about right vs. left, Republican vs. Democrat. It is a about a government power grab of stunning proportions. The CNN reporter, who apparently cannot comprehend a world outside a left vs. right paradigm, seems flummoxed by the point.

Have a look. It is educational.

But more to the point, as a group the cable news channels have slowly evolved into a national embarrassment. Fox News Channel has led the race to the lowest common denominator. But MSNBC and CNN followed on quite quickly (though neither do "down market" as well as Fox).

And since cable news audiences tend to be in large proportion lower income and poorly educated, watching cable news is similar to stumbling upon a loud family fight at the mall. It's kind of ugly, kind of sad, yet also a bit fascinating.

But mostly, you begin to wonder why you are at the mall in the first place.

Update: Obviously this video was taken by a private citizen with a small, portable video camera. My question is this. What happens to TV news when they don't control the video space? What happens to TV news when they know that at any time, in any public space, they can be filmed, as they film. And the resulting raw footage can be on the internet before they get back to their upload link? It will certainly have to have some impact on how they report.

In a related manner, you would have to be crazy today to be a politician and not video any sit down interview you have a with a reporter. After all, look what they did to Sarah Palin. The editing of those interviews was a national scandal, but thanks to old man McCain, it was allowed to stand.


Terry Cowgill

2:21 PM

Saw this the other day and was shocked at how stupid the reporter looked. And how incredibly stupid and self-serving CNN was in ordering YT to take it down.

Agree with your rhetorical question about "What happens if news outlets simply act as cheerleaders for the government? My guess is that they will lose business."

Would you say the same thing about Judith Miller. After all, the NYT has lost business ...


7:48 PM

From someone who agrees with you almost 100% of the time, I was a little shocked to read "And since cable news audiences tend to be in large proportion lower income and poorly educated, watching cable news is similar to stumbling upon a loud family fight at the mall. It's kind of ugly, kind of sad, yet also a bit fascinating." I don't normally think of you as being elitist but am having "baby" second thoughts. I'm not quite sure why you hate cable news so much -- is it because they put anything on the news, no matter how trivial? Some clarification would help me. :)

It is impossible for me to put my arms around the total ignorance of the left with regard to the tea parties. Do they really not see that government is out of control? Do they not see the chip-chip-chip-ing away of individual freedoms? Do they not understand that money does NOT grow on trees? I can't figure this out.

This "journalist" is a disgrace. And what about the illustrious "Janet Napolotano" and her version of right-wing extremists. Makes my head spin!

As to Terry's point about the NYT, great point!


7:49 PM

Whoops -- the "anonymous" is from "jkliza". Sorry about that.


8:34 PM

J... First, I don't "hate" cable news, or much of anything else. I just think it's kind of sad and pathetic. I feel the same about most TV programming.

Cable news focuses only on politics, which is the "advertising" of the public sector. I am more interested in how the beast actually works.

The CNN news woman is a perfect example. She displays an utterly infantile view of government policy. If I met her on the street, I wouldn't even bother talking to her about politics. It would be a complete waste of time.

And like it or not, cable news targets a sector of society that is not particularly inclined to understand issues in much detail. If they were, they wouldn't be watching TV. They'd be reading and writing and trying to understand the issues in some depth.

If that makes me an elitist, then so be it. But from where I sit, most all of the talking heads on TV are pretty lame.


9:38 PM

Jake outed as an elitist? No way... ;-)




9:43 PM

J doesn't mean it "that" way. Of course I'm that sort of elitist!


10:31 PM

I hear what you are saying, Jake, and to some degree, I agree. However, and you can believe this or not, there are an awful lot of people out there who don't make the time to delve into the deeper meanings of politics but that does not make them less educated.

I guess one of my pet peeves is when people throw around the "education" word without really defining what that is. My husband and I are leaving a "prestigious" boarding school in CT this year (we're going to a well-known private day school in Houston) and at this "prestigious" boarding school in CT are prime examples of the snottiness from the "well-educated". I could give you example after example after example of the totally stupid things that have been uttered by these so-called "academics". I have actually had these people tell me to my FACE that al-qaeda is not in Iraq. I am rendered absolutely speechless. I have been told to my FACE that we don't spend any money on education in this country. Again, I am rendered speechless by the utter stupidity and absurdity.

I didn't get the inside joke between Jake and JP. For my own information, what does "yarch" mean?


11:05 PM

J... I agree completely that many academics and people with expensive educations are often poorly informed and closed minded. You get no argument for me there. But I'm not sure I ever said anything about them. I simply said that cable news targets the lowest common denominator... and many in that demographic are poorly informed and often poorly educated.

Yarch is the command for stepping off a platoon on the parade ground. Long story. You'll have to ask JP why he has trade marked it. Mostly, I think, something to do with his manly speaking voice.

As for my elitism, that's too long a story to go into. Suffice it to say that there is no doubt I am some sort of elitist, just not the kind you are talking about.


7:03 PM

I must tell you, Jake, that today while flipping around on the dreaded TV (ha), I came across a fascinating discussion on the Glenn Beck Show. He was allowing Karl Rove and John Bolton to talk about the situations between the United States and dictatorship countries. Absolutely fascinating. These two men are incredibly educated, not only with present day events, but with history. I wish I had heard the whole show. I know this is anecdotal but wanted you especially to know that there is some good stuff on cable news from time to time.

Please don't be elitist in any way (whatever that means). Your written word is just about perfect to me.

Terry Cowgill

12:01 PM

Janice, I didn't know you and Dennis were leaving town (for Kinkaid or St John's?). Sorry to hear that.

I always took JP's yarch as something akin to aloha (hello or goodbye), but he almost never signs off with out it.



12:43 PM

Hey Terry,

Yeah, we're going to Kinkaid. Dennis will be much happier even though Hotchkiss is a much better place with him there. When he interviewed at Kinkaid, he felt that the faculty members he spoke with were actually committed to EDUCAATION. Hotchkiss is now an international school with internationalism the priority. And education has moved way down the priority ladder. Very, very sad.

The final straw came when the international person at Hotchkiss wanted to do seminars on how to teach internationalism in the classroom -- Dennis teaches AP CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure.

Yarch. :)

Terry Cowgill

1:21 PM

Yah, I know. H just hired an assoc head for global understanding/independent thinking and another for environmental initiatives. Imagine that ... creating two new 6-figure administrators at a time when the economy is faltering badly.

Sounds silly to me, but what do I know? It's a fabulously successful school and they've got more $ than God!

Good luck back in the Lone Star State. I still miss it sometimes.


2:09 PM

There are still some good teachers there but trust me when I tell you it has become a place of indoctrination. My favorite gripe is how this country has outsourced jobs and H is run by outsourced people. Very funny, don't you think?

BTW, it's sunny and 72 today right here in Central Texas. I'm sitting on one of my porches as I write.


2:59 PM

Good video Jake.

My view on the media (in whatever form) is that they are abandoning their first ammendment mission by co-oping with their chosen political party.

For this democratic republic to work properly, we need good information to make informed decisions.

What I hear in Kliza's points is that even our most "intelligent" people are truly ignorant of some of the basic facts, and what is scarier is that they won't even self-assess.

I think this video epitomizes the fact that the message in the "tea parties" can not get out in that the media misrepresents the true nature of the issue which the woman at the end so handsomely points out.