Ellsbury Goes National

My bet is that this is going to take Jacoby Ellsbury up a notch in the national spotlight. In Boston he is approaching cult hero status, but it is events like this that can be the tipping point. Enjoy!

Oh and by the way, here is a picture of Ellsbury with his girlfriend Kelsey Hawkins (marathoner, fellow OSU grad) and guys who I presume to be his brothers. Looks like a nice group. Can't help but to think that JE has his head on straight... an absolutely essential part of being a successful ball player.


Terry Cowgill

3:51 PM

We'll see if he keeps his head on straight. All that fame can be intoxicating and it takes a strong person to resist the urge to be a prima donna.


7:20 PM

Spot on Terry#1. Hope he doesn't change for the worse.

And Jake. Was thinking about you this morning as we crossed that big bridge in Charleston. Scenery spectacular. And I'm not just talking about the views of the harbor. Those joggers! You know what I'm sayin'.