Barrett Pays the Price for His TARP Vote

The MSM meme about the Tea Parties is that they are centrally organized, Republican protest events. That is wrong on all accounts. In fact, they are truly grass roots events, emerging from local organizations and facilitated by social media.

But more importantly they are not "Republican" in any way, shape, or form. At many of the events, Republican politicians have been asked not to come.

Here's a fine example. This Upstate South Carolina Republican congressman Gresham Barrett (who is also running for governor) is taken down hard for his first TARP bill vote. From comments by people who attended the event, apparently this video hardly picks up the veracity of the Bronx cheers.

Props to Adam at Palmetto Scoop for catching this video. It has gone viral and Adam, who toils in South Carolina political blogging obsurity most days, is getting his 15 minutes. Good going, man.