What If Bush Did It? The new game anyone can play!

Well, here's one that we don't have to guess about. During the formative months of the Bush Administration, Dick Cheney put together an Energy Task Force to study ways to improve the country's energy policy. The then VP wanted to interview the various participants in private so that they would offer untainted opinions and provide honest input. The result?

The press and the Democrats went on a multi-year offensive claiming that the Bush Administration was operating a secretive energy policy. Obviously that was just silly, as Congress would have ultimately crafted any legislation (and did). But the press went down the road anyway, pounding on the Administration for years with all the Democrat talking points.

So now we see that Obama's "Blue Ribbon Panel" on the economy has yet to meet in public. The Politico makes some conjecture about it being a way to keep deliberations private. They include this...

"So far, none of the commission members’ meetings have been public or officially announced in accordance with the 1972 federal law which governs such groups, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, or FACA.

That law has spawned a series of legal battles over the years, including fights over access to the Grace Commission on government waste set up by President Ronald Reagan, First Lady Hillary Clinton’s health care task force, and Vice President Dick Cheney’s task force on energy policy. Secrecy surrounding those panels sparked public outrage – and serious political blowback — that helped fuel Obama’s vows for more open government."

Will we have a two year assault on the Obama Administration for being secretive and operating like a cabal?

Somehow I doubt it.

Update: Note the picture next to the article. The former Chancellor of London Business School, my alma mater, is standing next to the President.

A word. Laura D'Angelo Tyson has for years been riding an appointment by Bill Clinton onto his Council of Economic Advisers. It got her the head job at a top European business school and various and sundry panels and appointments along the way. Every four years she steps out to flack for whatever Democrat presidential candidate makes it to the finals. That gets her appointments like this one.

I've met her several times (and know people who know her former husband). Bottom line? She'd make a good VP of Marketing at a mid-sized multi-national corporation. As for now, she's on the faculty business school at UC Berkley. Appropriate gig... I suppose.