WIBDI (Another Installment)

This is getting embarrassing. The President of the United States does not know how to pronounce "Orion". As noted here, today President Obama continually read (off the teleprompter, of course) the word as "OAR-ee-on". Jeezzz...

This comes on the heals of so many other verbal gaffs that one might legitimately wonder if this guy has the education of a ninth grader. Other examples. Thinking "P-E" means Profit to Earnings Ratio. Clearly not understanding enough economic theory to pass an Econ 101 mid-term. Giggling through a 60 Minutes interview until the the interviewer asked him if he was "punch drunk".

If this were George Bush, the Washington Press corps would be in full "end of the world" mode. Instead, it seems they are quietly covering up these gaffs so that the average mug never hears about them.

I'm kind of wondering what my friends in the UK are now thinking. They were the ones who told me that "at least the new American president would be eloquent". Chances are they are comfortably ignorant of all this, just as they were of Obama's past as a racial shake down artist. It will be interesting to see what they say when this type of thing isn't covered up anymore.

Oh... and let's not forget. This comes from a guy who is increasing the debt load of the country to unheard of levels, and floundering around in the midst of a global financial panic.

Get on your knees folks. Only the Big Guy can save us now.