"I don"t pay much attention to Willard Eggleston. He's in show business." Hank Stamper (Paul Newman) in Sometimes a Great Notion



8:56 AM

Great novel. Great flick. And a re-read or another viewing would make sense in these changing times. " Never give an inch. " That was one tough family Kesey created. Makes the Ponderosa boys look like My Three Sons.


9:02 AM

Yes... both are good. Watched it the other night. My mom loved that movie when it came out. I think she related to the Lee Remick character (and secretly wanted to walk away from it all).

Funny to see to two Hollywood liberal stalwarts playing independent anti-union conservatives. And it's also funny to think of Kesey writing that movie. It all kind of flies in the face of how they all saw the world.

Anyway, it was Newman's best (only?) effort as a director and I think he did a passable job. Maybe a rare case where the movie is as good as the book, although that might be because the book is not going to the Hall of Fame, but the movie clearly has (several Oscars).