Hey Libs

Take the Limbaugh Challenge!

This column is a little raucous, but the points are the same I find myself making when discussing Rush Limbaugh with liberals.

It is true that most people who "hate" him have never listened to his show. It is true that I have never, not once, heard a report about Limbaugh in the MSM that didn't twist his words, or take them out of context (the "I want Obama to fail" being just the most recent). And it is true that there are a lot of people who simply find it easier to believe that he is a racist, homophobic, hating blabbermouth than actually listen to him.

Hey, I'm not saying Rush should be everyone's cup of tea. Sometimes I find him a bit too much. But there are three things that are undeniable about him. First, he is a very skilled radio man. Second, he is very funny. And third, his political predictions are on the whole more often correct than anyone in politics.

That last one is the kicker.


Terry Cowgill

12:26 PM

" ... his political predictions are on the whole more often correct than anyone in politics."

Even more than the sage, Dick Morris?


9:43 AM

I've listened to him a lot. For years. I can't stand him, but I try to listen to as many sides as possible. Based on my years of listening to him, I think:

He's not funny
He doesn't like African Americans
He doesn't understand homelessness
His arguments are specious

Granted, he is very good at what he does. He created himself and the product he made still moves off the shelf like milk and bread the day before a tropical storm hits. But you're right, Jake. Liberal who bash him should listen to him. The paradox is it's so hard to listen to him. Believe me, I know.

BTW. Thought of you as I read a Times story yesterday datelined Mount Pleasant, SC. About how more and more boat owners are ditching their boats, not able to afford having them, or what it would cost to legally get rid of them. Another sign of the times.