Walking the Talk

Today Rush was going on about an editorial in the soon to be bankrupt New York Times in which a commentator was chastising his liberal brethren for being charity "cheapskates". It's no news to me, but apparently readers of the (going black) lady have no idea that conservatives are much more charitable than liberals.

And previously, I noted that Mitt Romney conducted private, unpublicized charity, even in the midst of the full blown primary schedule. (Sorry, can't find the link.)

Then there are the numerous stories, written by various White House aids and Air Force One crew members, describing how the Clinton's, Gores and Bushes have treated the help. The Democrats were reported to be mean spirited and inconsiderate (Al Gore and Hillary Clinton being the worst), while the Republicans tended to be well meaning and thoughtful toward those in their service.

Admittedly, such stories reinforce my preconceived notions on the matter of true compassion and politics. My worldview leads me to believe that those who care for themselves will ultimately help those who take the same task on for themselves. But (in fairness to my worldview) the evidence keeps piling up.

To wit, it is is now being reported that President and First Lady Bush, with the Cheney's, were sneaking around Washington and the country holding thousands of private, emotionally draining meetings with members of the military and the families of the fallen.

Now I ask you, would Bill Clinton have shown such real, personal charity toward grieving military families? The odd photo op, yes, of course. Thousands of private, unreported, extremely difficult meetings. I think not.

In fact, no way.

Apparently there is nothing more dangerous than standing between Chuck Schumer and a camera. That goes for many politicians. That is why it is so nice to hear about politicians who show true compassion without any chance of personal gain. It's kind of the polar opposite of the "pay for play" politics so grotesquely on display in Chicago.

With other people's time and money, many on the political left are oh so generous. But when it comes to their own sacrifice, there is a lot less walk in all that talk.