Soft Headed Strategy

The secondary cause of failure was a misplaced British disdain for America, shared by our politicians and senior military. In the early days in Iraq we bragged that our forces could deploy in berets and soft-sided vehicles while US forces roared through Baghdad in heavily armoured convoys. British leaders sneered at the Americans’ failure to win hearts and minds because of their lack of experience in counterinsurgency.

As noted here, I have found this attitude exasperating, particularly when faced with it at London cocktail parties. It takes a man like Michael Portillo to point out to the Brits that, after all, it was the Iraqi and American forces who finally cleared Basra. That, of course, saved untold numbers of lives.

I have always thought it a shame that Portillo never became the British Prime Minister. His immigrant roots gave him a certain kind of common sense. A Harrow grad, he would have been a great leader and a good ally.

Instead we have Gordon Brown... whose best friends in this country spend their hours picking lint out of their navels by the Charles River.

Some of my British "friends" would do well to quit flipping snide internet clippings in this direction and start listening to the few level headed people left on that moss covered rock.