A Monarchy for the Times

My comments concerning the Caroline Kennedy appointment:

When George Bush was entering the political scene, we were told by the New York Times that “he was born on third and thought he hit a triple”. The media meme on every Republican with rich or famous lineage is always the same… dunce born to power and due to corruption and nepotism now sits at the top of the power structure of the Republican Party. Never mind that the likes of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are some of the most deft and accomplished political actors of our time.

So now we have Princess Caroline of Camelot, with advance PR teams lining up the editorial boards of the leading eastern news outlets, ready to step from political obscurity into one of the top 200 political jobs in in the country. I’m tempted to find the appropriate baseball analogy… something like, “She was born on home plate, when in fact by special order of the commish, she was moved back to third and walked home so that the fans on the upper West Side could debate the wisdom of administrative actions in baseball.”

In any case, as exemplified above (referring to the first comment) those who still read the New York Times are lining up with extended vocabulary to find a reason to promote this idea (beware the sesquapedalianist… he is probably trying to sell you something. The danger for him is that he most often doesn’t quite get the meaning right!)

Yes, we have all had our chance meetings with the Princess, but that is probably more a cause for concern than anything. After all, they seem all to have been at failing 70’s prep schools or Ivy League mixers - institutes that I’d argue are less likely to produce thoughtful leaders for the 21st century (and before you jump… think UT and Brigham Young).

But I agree that New York is a special case. As a political and economic entity, it is on a downward trajectory, with this particular recession (along with Sarbanes-Oxley) probably ending its traditional role as the economic capital of the western world. So it is somehow appropriate that it will now be represented by a princess in its decline.