Lessons From the Election

Here are some useful lessons from 2008. Some being more obvious...

If you’re a Republican who is used to favorable press treatment, don’t expect it to continue if you win the GOP nomination. John McCain used to refer to the media as “my base.” But once he won the nomination and ran as a (more or less) conservative, and ran an aggressive campaign against the Democratic nominee, the press turned on McCain with fury. They painted him as old, unprincipled, inauthentic, and mean. It turns out McCain was a whole lot less appealing to the MSM when he was attacking a liberal than when he was attacking conservatives and highlighting his differences with President Bush. We have never seen the press act so much like a love-struck adolescent. Time magazine’s Mark Halperin admitted (after the election) that there was an extraordinary pro-Obama press bias, which was obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

... than others.