It's True...

He never used his position to demean his opponents. Clinton did that, Nixon did that, and so did Johnson (though mostly privately).

I have to admit, I am still a fan of this guy. He was a poor communicator, which hindered his leadership. But his positions and policies were very much in line with what would have preferred. Not quite conservative enough on economics, but close.

The rest was fine. His Supreme Court picks were great. His war leadership was surprisingly good, given the type of war it is. And his general demeanor was perfect, except perhaps for a few instances in 2003.

Now that the Democrats are stuck with the job, I'm sure that Bush will seem vastly more moderate to the left than they considered him while in office. Just as I look back on Clinton as more reasonable than I thought of him during his tenure.

It's now up to history to determine whether he will be thought of more like Truman or Johnson. I hope it is Truman. But in fact, that rehabilitation took almost forty years.

(The president that history is really starting to punish is FDR. Particularly in the past several years, and in light of our present economic troubles, FDR's administration of the government looks more and more inept.)

I wish W the best in retirement and thank him for making a lot of difficult decisions for us.