Winter Holiday

Winter holiday scheduled with the boys at Sun Valley. First week of March. Now that the Alberto Tomba-like thighs are looking more like Babe Ruth's, blue cruising runs are all the rage. My days on Corbet's Couloir have come to an end. It's now "cruising blue" for the gents in red.

This ought to get me drinking again.



11:58 AM

Ever do Taos? It has some great blue runs. The beginner slopes are a bit dicey.


12:18 PM

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I've done the hike to the top and skied the fields and trees down to the upper lift level. Some good vertical there. But it always irritated me that they just didn't build a lift to the top. They had this whole, "you can only ski the good stuff if you earn your way to the top" attitude that pissed me off. But I love the town and actually had a great time with a local lovely the last time I was there. Also, stopped by DH Lawrence place. That was great. I was a big DH Lawrence fan in high school.

Close for you guys in Texas, for sure.


12:34 PM

That advertisement is a classic. Reminds me of my parents in the 1950s:




12:46 PM

Wow, they look great, especially your mom. Classic look. Nice outfits, too, especially the cat eye glasses.

Now I know where the flat top comes from.

Wonder what kind of skis those are. Your dad has the original Look toe on his cable bindings. And I'm betting those are Raichle leather boots. Nice gear.


4:27 PM

My family usually does the youth hostel thing at Arroyo Seco at the L-turn at the base of the mountain. It was $25 night with shower and full-up breakfast. My brother and I would bring our guitars and appropriate adult beverages to our jams. I loved meeting the wide variety of people that frequent there.

Yeah, the hike up the mountain seemed to be the Taos Haj. I never was that good to enjoy the brutal black diamonds, so I never took the hike challenge. I am too old to take the moguls anymore.

I am not a bad skier for a warm weather boy. I still do the the blues balls-to-the-wall-last-man-down-wins thing.

I'll check out the Lawrence place next time I go there, probably in February next year.