Those Damn Oil Speculators

Gee, where is everyone when the oil speculators are pushing the oil price down to new lows? Do you think we can get some congresspeople to hold hearings? After all, there are thousands of people who work in the oil industry and need HELP!


Terry Cowgill

6:29 PM

Logic follows that if you blame oil price increases on greed, then you'd have to attribute a big drop in prices to an outbreak of altruism.

Of course, "speculator" is just another word for investor. Investors drive the price of commodities up and down all the time when they buy or sell. It's called the market ...


6:41 PM

I bet most of those "investors" aren't feeling very altruistic these days. In fact, I bet their contributions to charity will be lower than normal. Their tax payments, too!


9:39 PM

Maybe the government (taxpayers) can step in and help out the oil companies now that the price of gas has fallen so drastically.