Strange It Is Not

"It seems strange for prominent and outspoken advocates of the federal estate tax to dispose of their assets in a manner meticulously designed to avoid the federal estate tax."

No it doesn't. Show me someone who advocates higher taxes and voluntarily pays more than their required minimum. There isn't one.

People who speak for higher taxes are generally those whose lives are not impacted by them. They are the rich and the poor (and people who benefit from government spending).

People who agitate for lower taxes are the ones who have to make hard choices as a result of higher tax rates. They are the middle class. They as a group pay the majority of the monies collected, and higher taxes can mean a worse college for the kids, a smaller house, or any number of negative things.

This is why, in the broadest of terms, we have one political party aligned with the rich and poor (Democrats), and one with the middle income set (Republicans).

Warren Buffet advocates higher taxes in order to get good press and ingratiate himself with the smart set. It makes all those Charlie Rose appearances go so swimmingly. Tax thirty percent of his net worth away in a year and see how quickly he changes his tune.

Our legions of Democrat billionaires will continue to move heaven and earth to keep from paying taxes, while speaking publicly for higher marginal rates and the estate tax. Their media buddies will continue to let them get away with the hypocrisy. And when the rates do go up, all the suffering will be born by others.

Big deal. Life isn't fair.

Unless you're Warren Buffet. Then you get to be a sage and a saint.