Hollywood... Get It Together

This amazes me.

Unlike most people, I don't mind being advertised to... if you know what I want. Fifty, single, no kids, boat lover, reader, ex-military, Republican, businessman. My profile is all over the internet and I consume media like a twenty year old. Shouldn't Hollywood be able to sell me a movie that I would obviously love? Apparently not.

So last night I was reading my "movie" feed in Google Reader and saw the weekly "Most Pirated Movies" post in TorrentFreak. At the top of the list is Traitor.

Umm, what's that. Never heard of it. So I click over the IMDB. "Traitor", August 2008, starring Don Cheatle. Really? I love Don Cheatle. Plot summary...

"When straight arrow FBI agent Roy Clayton heads up the investigation into a dangerous international conspiracy, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn..."

What? How can I not know about this movie? I love this stuff. Did it bomb? Click over to Boxoffice Mojo. No. $23 Million. Not great but not bad. Back on IMDB. What's the rating? 7.3. That's good. How are the reviews? Really good. Biggest complaint? Hollywood didn't market the film!

OK, so bittorrent here I come. Quick search on Speckly. Lots of traffic for Traitor. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Back to IMDB and the reviews. The top review says that unlike most Hollywood thrillers, you can't know the politics of the people who wrote this. I'm thinking, ya right. I can find a liberal in wood pile blindfolded. But I like the sentiment. Anyway, this movie gets good reviews for being innovative and interesting, and it is produced by Steve Martin? I check. Yes, that Steve Martin.

Fifteen minutes later... "Your download is complete". Eight Hundred meg of video goodness. Open file, movie starts. Wammo, socko from start to finish. Some techie stuff... yum. And Don Cheatle and host of other quality actors really strutting their stuff.

In the end, a very well made action flick, with an interesting twist, great acting, good writing. And no, and I repeat NO, pandering, preachy Hollywood crap about terrorism. Maybe the best action/terrorism flick I've seen. Much, much better than The Kingdom, which got tons of press and ended up being overly violent, a bit preachy and not a great film for Jamie Foxx (maybe the best living movie actor).

So, lets go over this. Hollywood finally makes a decent terrorism film. But it cannot find the people who want to see it, and won't pay to advertise it because why... it doesn't have the standard liberal Hollywood bent?

Add to the mix that there are thousands of copies of the movie free for the taking on the internet. It's a toxic mix.

Hollywood... you need to get your shit together. Learn how to mine the web for micro markets. Learn how to distribute so you get a piece of the revenue action. Try not to let your biases get in the way of making and marketing films. If you can't figure out how to work in a world where anything that is digitized is essentially free, you will go the way of Peaches and CD Warehouse.

And don't think we will all be crushed. I, for one, have a ton of books I need to read.



1:28 PM

Hee, hee. Just one more phase of things you have consumed, at one time or another, "like a twenty-year old"!!




3:28 PM

Among which was some of the local color at Fa Fa Pope's.