What's in the (Lack of) an Article?

People Magazine asks Palin:

...but you don't get to be governor without being smart. Do you think you're intellectual?

The use of intellectual in this form without the article "an" pretty much seals the deal that the questioner isn't one.

Palin, being Palin, either doesn't notice or is too polite to make a point of it. I'm guessing the former.

I just love the whole anti-intellectual shtick around the Palin candidacy. It must drive the elites nuts. Now even the press (if you can call People that) is involved.

This is getting better all the time!



4:44 PM

Jake. I know you're no pointy headed intellectual. Just smarter than the rest of us. But reading People?? What do you expect from their interviewers? It's hardly the Oxford Union.

I know. I know. Just mentioning that place makes me sound like an elitist. The reality is I flunked the North Carolina drivers test last week. Passed on the Mulligan yesterday. ( An ) Intellectual? Far from it.


8:03 PM

Hey T2

Check the link. I wasn't reading People (not that there's anything wrong with that... I think.) Just read the quote in Time. But in all honesty, I'd feel more ashamed about reading Time than People, if I read either.

Here's a funny story. I was once taking a Japanese class in Okinawa and the teacher asked about Time magazine. I made some snide remark about people who actually get their news there. A woman in the class thought I meant that only more educated members of society read Time, and that I shouldn't be such a snob. When I tried to explain that I thought Time was a crappy liberal rag, she was completely thrown. By the end of the little exchange, she was mad because she couldn't figure out what I was saying and I was mad because I thought she was an idiot. What a mess!

Anyway, I abhor Palin's bad English and wish she'd work a little to improve it. I don't think she's stupid by any stretch, but her grammar is atrocious. As, apparently, is the grammar of some of the people in the press. Ironic, no?

So what the hell are you doing taking the NC driver's test? I thought your place was in SC.

Presently in Concord, NC as I write. Not sure what kind of a town it is. Just pulled off the road for quick meal and a bed.


7:23 PM

The liberal elite intellectual's gonna getcha, you betcha!


9:39 AM

I'm not worried.