How to Rant!

Comment below this article. Classic!

It's time for a Black President? How about a Black Prime Minister? Is it time for one of them? You ignorant, effeminate twit. You puke Europeans don't get it, do ya? Regular people, over here, DESPISE YOU. You're a bunch of snot faced wimps, who'ld rather wear a dress than the uniform of your armed forces. Oh, that's right, you don't HAVE Armed Forces. And soon, you won't have your FREEDOM either. Cause you'ld rather bend over that FIGHT. Just like Obama. Let me put this to ya straght, so even a warm beer drinking, gooey cheese eatin, effeminate wimp, like YOU, can understand. The idea that Europe is HOPING and PRAYING,(Oh, that's right. You don't pray anymore),for an Obama Presidency, is a BADGE OF HONOR, for McCain-Palin. Europe wants Barry? You can have him. Idiots.