Rush, A National Treasure

And the money quote is:

“somebody’s got to say it,” he told me. “The man is Ted Baxter.”

Suck it up O'Reilly. You're not even close.



12:22 PM

A liberal radio talk show host ( Colin McEnroe WTIC-AM, Hartford, CT ) I listen to, and like, was talking about this Rush profile in the Times mag. McEnroe's been no big fan of his, but the other day he was sort of singing his praises, giving Rush credit for being a terrific radio personality. Me? I don't get it. I've listened to Rush often over the years. His sense of humor is, in my opinion, mediocre at best. His typical caller is almost certain to be a dittohead follower echoing Rush's opinions. Rush has attacked " libs " for years, but I've never heard of him ever facing one, going head to head. My guess is that he'd melt if he ever sat across a table from Bill or Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy. He seems to me to be one of those guys we've all come across. Guys who are " real men " in their comfort zones ( His studio ), but weak sisters when not on their own turf. Knowing what I know of you, Jake - from your blog and your comments - I don't think you're a typical Rush dittohead. You have a mind of your own and I'm sure you have your reasons for liking the guy. Different strokes and all that.


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Hey T2. Hope you are having a nice holiday. I'm picturing Rhode Island on the 4th. Kind of Rockwellish, in my my mind.

Re Rush, I agree with much of what you say. Rush has his weaknesses, including the way he and other conservative talk show hosts try to intimidate callers with whom they disagree. All the conservatives do this on the radio, and it is not to their credit. They do it because their partisan audiences like it. Not, I believe, because they can't stand the intellectual heat. But I may be wrong.

That said, here are the reasons I like Rush:

1) He is a very good political analyst. If you listen to him enough, you realize how often he is right.

2) He has very consistent policy prescriptions. They are essentially Reaganism, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

3) I love the way he uses language. He says certain words in ways that my family and I used to use them when we were kids. The way he mimics William F. Buckley, uses the English pronunciation of certain words, and has special words for certain things I find highly amusing.

4) I also find his bombast quite entertaining. Not sure why, but the form of humor that assumes that the speaker is superior just tickles me. Other humorists who use this form (Mark Twain) also make me laugh.

5) Another thing I like is that Rush considers himself a businessman, and knows what it takes to be successful. At the end of the day, Rush knows that he makes money by selling advertising, and doesn't think (nor is diluted into thinking) that his show is anything more than that.

6) Finally, I find political correctness very irritating and love people who have no fear of confronting it. Rush has no problem blasting the PC world, and I find that quite refreshing. Rush is our remedy to what you see in the UK... political correctness run a muck.

The one thing that I can't take from Rush is his take on economics. He is obviously a good businessman, but his understanding of macroeconomics is very, very thin. When he delves into economic policy, I normally shut off the radio.

At the end of the day, I don't think Rush is hugely important or as influential as his detractors think he is. I don't think he believes he's really all that important either. My impression is that he believes he is simply an entertainer, which in fact is all he is.

After listening to him for many years and hearing the way the MSM outright lies about him, I tend to sympathize with him. Let me put it this way. I don't think I have ever heard an accurate report of what he has said on his radio show in the mainstream media. Given how they distort his words, I almost always disbelieve anything I hear about him from others.

The NYT article is the only acceptation to that. I thought it was fair and rather well written. Clearly the writer had a good time hanging out with Rush, as I believe I would if given the chance. I'm sure the journalist in question had a few good laughs which, at the end of the day, is pretty much the point.

Thanks for the comment and have a nice holiday.


7:30 PM

He is, indeed, a good businessman. And markets himself very, very well. He just rubs me the wrong way. Probably reminds me of someone I loathed once. By the way, Jake, we just bought a house in your neck of the woods. A little further north than you, but still in S.C. On the S.C./N.C. border. On a golf course. Haven't played regularly in years, but plan to now.


11:49 AM

Let me know when you are around and we can hack our way around the course!

Trooper York

3:10 PM

Hey Mr. Big Shot Red Sox Fan. Where you hanging out in traffic a baseball bat?

Just because the Yankees are dating is not a big deal. We just split and will fight it out for the rest of the year.

Make sure you guys wear your helmets because Joba is on the case!


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Yo Trooper. Aren't you the guy who hangs out with the Blond from Madison?

Ya, A-Rod and the Material Girl will make nice couple. You Yankmee girls can to kibitz about their antics between douches!

P.S. Yankmees suck.