John Edwards–he of constructing a 28,000 square foot home while preaching about the two Americas and remonstrating about the environment–is one of the most reprehensible schmucks to appear on the American political scene in some time. And that’s saying something.

Update: We follow the story, not the man. We cover both sides. We broke Rush Limbaugh’s Oxycontin troubles, we did Jesse Jackson’s love child and we broke a lot of the news in the OJ story. It’s nothing personal–it’s the story.

All things considered, you would think at least one "main stream" news outlet would cover this. Imagine if Edwards were a Republican. Then tell me this wouldn't be front page news nationwide. The double standard would be depressing if it were not a great indicator of the demise of the MSM (which I revel in on a daily basis).



7:47 AM

Thank you, Jake! If I hadn't read it here, I would NEVER have known that politicians are lying, cheating, hypocritical s.o.b.'s!!

Thanks to your diligence and that of the National Enquirer, the world has been spared the truly horrible, criminal cheating of married men who aren't running for office any more, while being made safer for trivial crimes such as invading foreign countries, torturing, shredding the Vonstitution, threatening to use nukes against a country that has none, and other inconsequential actions of the people who are actually in power.



7:48 AM

Vonstitution? Oops, my coffee's just about ready now....


8:31 AM

Jake! You who rail against newspapers often. Placing your faith in a National Inquirer story? Say it ain't so, Jake. Say it ain't so.


9:25 AM


I linked to Roger Simon, who claims to have his own sources. That said, I view all newspapers with basically the same disdain (WSJ/Times of London/Telegraph excepted), but link to many. The Inquirer specializes in the salacious stuff, but its journalistic standards seem about the same as the others. Hell, all the others covered this story up during the campaign. That doesn't speak well to the quality of their work.


May be time for you to go away again. If you can't comment here without making snide, ad hominum cracks, then your privileges will be revoked.