Brokeback Batman!

Best line of the week. Also, Katie Holmes "paying the beard". Too funny.

Update: OMG... Even funnier! "Is Meryl Streep really a gay man?" Hah!



10:53 AM

This one has folks calling Bruce Wayne's alter ego The Bat Man. Not Bat Man. It's a subtle difference, but perhaps significant. Bat Man was a creature of the night. The Bat Man conjures thoughts of wooden things, phallic symbols. And, the more MLB games I watch, the more broke bats I see. That rarely happened once upon a time. Now it's common. For whatever the hell that's all worth. I'm probably making a ( Brokeback ) mountain out of a mole hill.

Happy sails, Jake.


2:22 PM

The horror, the horror...


9:27 PM

The horror X 2 indeed. Conrad saw it coming, the heart of darkness and all that. Conrad was a sailor. No optimist he.