Get a Load of This

Stone's career jumped the shark at JFK. He needs to just go away.


Terry Cowgill

4:51 PM

This is for real? Looks hilarious.

That line about the Kennedys is really leading with your chin. I'd say the Bushes stack up favorably to the family from Hyannisport that consorted with the mob and got its fortune from bootlegging. Chappaquiddick, date rape. The list goes on and on.

This film could actually generate a backlash of sympathy for W and ergo for McCain (since he's really a W 3rd term, right?).


2:06 PM

Hadn't heard Stone was making that one. And re: Terry Uno's comment. Just finished reading " Cape Wind " By Bob Whitcomb and Wendy Williams. It's about how the Kennedys, despite their public advocacy for alternative energy, privately have spent much time and money preventing wind turbines from going up in Nantucket Sound. Which the Kennedys view as their own private pond.