Oh, Michelle!

Michelle Obama is going to be a problem for Democrats in the general election. Much of what we hear from her on the campaign trail will run over and over on television, radio and YouTube come October.

Not proud to be an American? Can't get by on $400,000 a year? The "goal posts" being moved even as your husband coasts to the nomination? Her victimization mantra is going to be valuable grist for the Republican political mill.

It is useful to remember that most "voters" are white people who earn between $40,000 and $70,000 a year. No one encourages them to apply to Princeton. No one pays them $400,000 a year to not show up for work. No one is ever going to give them a handout. In fact, in April of every year they see their income diminished by the people who are making the handouts, not the other way around.

So when Michelle Obama strikes out to appeal to the segment of the voting public that pays no federal income taxes and expects others to hand over the money, the people who make up the largest segment of the voting block are repelled.

More and more, we are coming to understand what Barack Obama really thinks. When he and Michelle are at home with the kids, we can pretty much figure what they talk about at the dinner table. Michelle tells us every time she steps up to the podium. It's all about being victimized by an unfair world - a world that has quite obviously rewarded Michelle beyond all reasonable expectations.

Poor girl. I'm sure on some level she thinks that in a better world she would have accomplished even more. And that it is her empathy for those who haven't had her luck that she is really expressing. But she comes off like something of a grievance monger, and a lot like a huge hypocrite. (Let alone a second rate intellect.) They really should shut her down for a while. She's doing real damage to her husband's prospects.

Further, Barack Obama, the "post-racial" candidate, is being outed as something of a newer, "cleaner" (as Joe Biden might say) version of Jackson/Sharpton, with the added liability of connections to Louis Farrakan. The candidate of "change" apparently isn't much different from what we have seen before.

Since coming out for Obama, Oprah Winfrey's popularity has plummeted. Americans are happy to encourage "cross over" blacks until they start lecturing us on our failings. As Shelby Steele has described, the "deal' they have is that whites accept them as equals and they don't remind the whites of their history of of racism. It's a deal most Americans are happy to make.

Michelle's "deal" is that whites accept her on her terms, make massive payments to her and her constituents, and then blacks reward whites by having a "conversation" about race. We know how that little talk ends. Someone writes a check, and my bet is that it is not the friends of Michelle.

Liberal Democrats are OK with Michelle's no deal "deal". Chances are, lower middle income voters are less so. Unless Michelle takes a hiatus, we are going to hear a lot about "McCain Democrats" in November.



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You heard it here first, as always...




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The Expert on race relations and politics speaks!


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Don't worry, Jake the Snake. McCain's a shoe-in, and all Southern racists can sigh in relief. Saved for another four years!