This is great...

... on so many levels.

First, if you have ever had "military meatloaf" (we used to call it "mystery meat"), you know what a real crime is.

But second, the commentary on these failed anti-war films is almost as funny as the strip. The MSM wants to ignore the fact that Americans pass on these films because they know what they are - i.e., Hollywood liberals force feeding their liberal, anti-war world view down our throats.

MSM editorials have raised various theories on why these films fail. "Americans are tired of hearing about the war." "War films are too depressing." Of course they fail to address the gorilla in the room... that most Americans consider their military to be a force for good, and don't think disparaging them in film is particularly entertaining, useful, or anything like reality.

As Hugh Hewitt noted yesterday, the only way we'll know if Americans dislike war films in general, or anti-war films specifically, is if Hollywood actually produces a non-anti-war film.

Chances are, we will never know.