Just for the record, I watched Fitna on Live Link on Thursday. It was a pretty straight forward description of the links between fundamentalist Islam and terrorism. It showed the dangers of giving away civil rights in the name of political correctness, and warned the Dutch to take their situation seriously.

Perhaps American liberals and Europeans could be offended by such content, but I didn't think it was particularly "controversial". If people can't admit that Islamofascism is powered by a literal interpretation of the Koran, and that they need to take it seriously, I can only suggest they take a serious reality check.

The point of the film was made all the more clear in the last 48 hours. Live Leak has pulled down the video after threats to its employees. Here is their statement:

After it was taken down, I found a site that showed how to download the video. I was going to show it here, but lost the file when my computer crashed. Since initiating the download, my Norton Protection Center software has been popping up with reports on denial of service attacks. Apparently, the friends of terrorism are doing their best to keep the video out of circulation. Good luck with that. Apparently, over 3 million people saw the video in the 24 hours it was on Live Leak, and more are now watching it on YouTube.

The biggest loser in this latest episode of Western dimmitude is Network Solutions. They took down the IP address of the Fitna web site. There are scattered efforts to organize a boycott of the NS. I'd be happy to participate if I hadn't pulled all my business from them last year. Not only do they not protect the free speech rights of their customers, their service pretty much sucks. If you are looking for an alternative, try Go Daddy. I have been very pleased with them.