Firefox 3 (Beta)

Last night I loaded up the new Firefox 3 (Beta). This is what I found.

First, it is faster. Not really faster. Not Safari faster. But still faster. That's good.

Second, the new zooming feature that expands/contracts all the content on the page is nice. You can turn it off and use the zooming the old (text only) way. But I like how the new feature works, and will keep it running.

Third, the new default tool bar graphics are cool. Not a big deal, but it does give the browser a new look, which is fun.

Now for the down side.

Mozilla claims they have fixed the memory leaks that have plagued Firefox since it came out. I'm not so sure they have. Even with most of my add-ons not yet working, it still sucks up 300k of memory. That's about the same as 2.0. And that was with twenty or so add-ons running. Not sure what they are talking about.

Second, most of the add-on programmers have not yet up graded their wares. That is understandable, but it may keep many people from diving in at this point.

Anyway, my overall view is that it is a good upgrade. Firefox has always been the slowest of the major browsers, so the new increased speed is important. Unfortunately for Mozilla, Apple recently started to distribute Safari for Windows. Safari is REALLY fast, so the bar has been raised. But I will stick to Firefox because of the add-ons. There are so many, and they are so good, that a little lag in page loading is OK with me.