You Reap What You Sow

It's particularly ironic that some religious voters are trafficking in anti-Mormon bias, because the secular left has spent years trying to portray these same religious voters as a threat to the American system. Evangelicals have spent decades being ridiculed by the coastal elites--for the born-again lifestyle, creationism, opposition to embryonic stem-cell research, the "Left Behind" novels. Recall the ridiculous "theocracy" panic after the 2004 election.

Now some of those same believers are trying to do the same to the Mormons. We doubt Mr. Romney persuaded those voters, but he probably had more success with, say, Republican Catholics who recall their pre-JFK ostracism from Presidential politics.

In political terms, a vote for Huck is a vote for Rudy. Although I will be disappointed if Mitt isn't nominated by my party, I will enjoy religious conservatives having to live with a pro-abortion candidate because they trafficked in anti-Mormon bigotry on the way to the nomination.

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Moi aussie.