Santana Coming to the Sox?

Sounds like the Sox are getting close to bringing two time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana to Boston. Great news. Santana is a dream of a pitcher.

The only thing I don't like about this talk is the possibility that Jacoby Ellsbury may be part of the deal. Theo has apparently said that Jacoby is "untouchable". That better be the case. I 'd like to see him roaming center field for years to come. He's got franchise potential.

Frankly, I'd rather see Jacoby stay and Santana go elsewhere, although I know that's probably not the rational position.


Terry Cowgill

7:54 AM

I don't know how else the Sox could get Santana without dangling a top flight prospect like Ellsbury. If Theo says Jacoby is untouchable, then I hope he means it.

The Sox really need help in mid-relief. Timlin will be 41, while Tavarez is mostly awful.

Terry Cowgill

Terry Cowgill

8:04 AM

As Bob Schieffer would say, "This just in ..."

Evidently, the deal is not even close (yet).

Terry Cowgill


5:06 PM

If the Sox get him, Rem Dawg's gonna love it. He'll fit right into Dawg's Oye como va shtick ( In which he uses the first few letters of the last names of the Hose infield to mimic that Santana tune ) But I agree, if Theo deals Ellsbury to get him, the Sox brass better circle the wagons.


5:13 PM

Hey #2...

It looks like the Yanks are putting up a fight on this one. Not sure where the talks are at this point. But the Jacoby thing is interesting. Not sure if there has been a guy like him since Nomar stole everybody's hearts in the late nineties (before the steroids made him paranoid?). Anyway, we'll see if the Sawx can pull this one off. I don't know Santana all that well, but my general impression is that he's a pretty straight shooter and will fit in the club house well. (That said, Francona is outstanding with the players a can probably make him fit in.)