The Right Speech

The Huckaboom is becoming the Huckabust. A double digit lead in Iowa is melting away and by now, Mitt Romney is probably back in the lead. So the question is: How does Mitt accelerate an Iowa victory into a sweep of the early primaries?

Dean Barnett offers some good insight. Romney got a nice boost from his "Religion Speech" - the only successful policy speech given during this primary cycle. In that voters still have some questions about the Mitt's "authenticity", Barnett suggests that Romney take the opportunity of an Iowa victory to offer more of the same.

Rather than use an Iowa victory speech as a crowd pleaser, Barnett suggests that Romney take the tone toward "the serious" and "the presidential". Mitt should be pointedly Reganesque. And do something like this:

It is stunning to see how direct Reagan was in his speech making. And history records how successful he was as a politician. Romney needs to overcome his undeserved reputation as being too calculating, and double down on an Iowa victory with a serious speech.

I hope the Romney campaign is reading Barnett these days.


Terry Cowgill

6:00 PM

I agree that was a great speech. I was too stupid to see it at the time, but the Gipper was right about so many things.

Are you saying Mitt should give a speech like that one, only about Islamo-fascism, or that he should give a Reaganesque speech that addresses some serious topic to be decided?

In other words, is it the form or substance you think Mit should strive for?


6:31 PM

I'm thinking a speech that is serious, oriented toward policy and "presidential"... rather than a cheery political speech (most often given to make the campaign workers feel good. So I suppose I'm looking for the kind of substance that will differentiate Mitt heading into New Hampshire and boost him with the base, who I believe are looking for what I would describe as serious leadership.