Pedro's Secret Revealed

From Seth Mnookin's Feeding the Monster:

In 2001, the Herald's Jeff Horrigan was doing an interview with (Pedro) Martinez for Sports Illustrated for Kids. Horrigan asked Martinez his favorite color. "Green". Favorite book? "Whatever." Favorite actress? "Sandra Bullock." Secret ambition? "I would like to fuck Sandra Bullock," Martinez replied with a grin. Horrigan explained that likely wasn't an appropriate response for a children's magazine and asked the question again. Martinez dutifully amended his answer. "I would like to sleep with Sandra Bullock."



9:25 PM

It's so much harder for athletes these days. In myriad areas. When we were kids there was just one SI. And that was before ESPN, which begat ESPN2, ESPNClassic, ESPNArmwrestling, ESPNCroquet, et al. Let's cut Pedro some slack here. He probably thought he was being quoted for Sports Illustrated for Jerks. Of which Mr. Martinez is probably a subscriber.


9:32 PM

No slack required. I transcribed that from the book because it made me laugh like a hyena. Review of awesome book to follow.