"Oh Great..."

"... another fruitcake for Christmas."

(Headline stolen from Toranto.)



9:54 PM

Another attention seeking cipher gets a lot of attention. I'll make a deal with ya, Jake. I won't mention these fleas on the hide of the body politic, if you won't.

We may not create these monsters, but we breathe new life into their nearly dead bodies. By paying too much attention.


11:42 PM

The headline was too good to pass up.

Terry Cowgill

1:38 PM

Remember this guy? The fruitcake is his kinda gal.


2:25 PM

See my kind words.

Terry Cowgill

5:53 PM

You show remarkable restraint. Lord help us if that nut case was ever put in charge of anything, much less the free world.


6:07 PM

There was supposed to be a subtle irony in the choice of the word "institutions".