Mitt Takes National Lead

A Wall Street Journal / NBC national poll shows Mitt Romney has taken the lead in the national polls for the first time in this election cycle.

Admittedly, it is a statistical tie between Romney, Rudy and Huckabee, but there is other good news for Mitt. The InTrade numbers show Mitt moving higher for both the nomination and the presidency. And he has come back in his most important state, South Carolina, to reach a tie with Mike Huckabee.

Objectively speaking, the Republican nomination race is wide open. But one thing has not changed. Mitt is the ONLY candidate who has consistently gained momentum as the election nears.

Rudy has dropped back from a long term nationwide lead, and Huckabee has shot up and is now pulling back. Romney continues to inch forward without any major pullbacks.

Like a good investment, he is maintaining value, and adding more bit by bit.