Mitt Scores in Iowa Debate

Mitt Romney appears to be the consensus winner of today's debate in Iowa. The consensus loser was NPR. It was most boring and least inspiring debate to date. However, the focus group assembled by Fox News (you can be assured they were real Republicans!) said almost to a person that Mitt Romney put on the best performance. That should be worth a couple of points going into Christmas and the final stretch to the January 3rd caucus voting.


Terry Cowgill

8:05 PM

I didn't even know there was a debate today. I wonder if it's up on NPR's website.

Terry Cowgill

8:13 PM

P.S. If go to NPR's story on the debate, scroll down and you will see a photo of Alan Keyes "anwering a question during the Iowa debate." Is he back? Good lord ...

Terry Cowgill