Iowa Surprises

The Iowa Caucuses always bring surprises. Remember President Dean? You will be giggling about President Huckabee before Valentine's Day.

The issue is this. To win in Iowa candidates have to have good organizations. They have to have visited all the counties, met with almost every single caucus goer, and punched the tickets that the Iowans require. Playing through in the last weeks is not an option.

There are a host of less than adequate pollsters out there trying to make news. "Likely caucus goers" is a flexible term and one that, for a variety of reasons, not always honest, pollsters use liberally (no pun intended).

There may be a bunch of social conservatives who are worried about Rudy. And there are certainly a lot of MSM journalists following Huckabee around, knowing that their Democrat readers like to hear about some Baptist minister from Arakansas tearing up the traditional Republican coalition.

But at the end of the day, even if the social conservatives in Iowa give Huckabee his twenty-four hours of fame, Mitt Romney will show up somewhere at the top. And that will push him into New Hampshire with the strength to keep the "early wins" strategy on plan.